Roseman Fleet management

Better profitability, accountability and performance – Better ROI

  • Optimizes fuel / oil consumption
  • Optimizes vehicle maintenance 
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Detects and avoid high fuel wastage
  • Reduces accidents, and wear and tear on vehicles
  • Eliminates unauthorized vehicle usage and / or moonlighting
  • Records who was driving what vehicle at any particular time
  • Controls driver's fuel consumption targets
  • Improves driving safety
  • Prevents theft and fraud
  • Data is transparent to management
  • Provides a car pool solution


All the data and information you need to boost fleet profitability, accountability and performance
Roseman Fleet Management is an integrated information network that addresses every element of a fleet manager's day to day business operations.

Save fuel consumption up to 15%

We assist companies and fleet managers looking to increase revenues, cut fleet expenses and protect their drivers. We take a hands-on approach to finding new, efficient equipment, software, processes and procedures that deliver seamless and scalable asset control for company fleets while improving driver safety, security and productivity. To support our extensive customer base, Roseman established a network of distributors and resellers operating in Europe, the US, the Far East and Africa

Today we serve corporate transport fleets world wide, providing enhanced integrated solutions.

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