Roseman Fuel Retail Management

  • Greater Customer Retention
  • Better Fuel Stock Control
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved car maintenance
  • Data availability / transparency
  • Non-payment risk limitation
  • Fuel leakage prevention
  • Theft / fraud prevention
  • Supply chain management and control
  • Data integrity assurance
  • Marketing promotions and incentives 


- Roseman Forecourt Control - full, simple to manage forecourt
  management system
- Roseman Vehicle Identification – auto vehicle identification and payment
- Roseman Report Management – transaction details; payment methods,


A complete line of fuel control and tank gauge solutions for commercial fueling operations

Roseman Fuel Retail Management provides a comprehensive system that integrates software, hardware and components for easily managing all forecourt, fuel payment, Point of Sale (POS) fuel transactions and reports at the fuel stations. Roseman's expertise in complete fuel retail management derives from a long 30 year history of developing automated fuel management products.

The company achieved a landmark breakthrough with the development of the Pazomat system the first computerized fuel retail system in the world.

The system enables complete command and control over all fueling expenses while enabling the driver to fuel and go. Since then Roseman continues to develop ground breaking retail management solutions together with a network of global partners.   

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