Roseman Fuel Loyalty Management

  • Enterprises significantly cut fuel expenses
  • Increases control on how drivers buy and use fuel
  • Drivers simply fuel and go

For fleet managers
·Ensures drivers purchase fuel and oil only
·Prevents theft and fraud
·Eliminates unauthorized vehicle usage
·Gas usage data is transparent to management
·Integrated with web enabled fleet management
·Convenient for drivers – simply fuel & drive away

For station vendors
·Ensures drivers purchase fuel and oil only
·Prevents theft and fraud
·Eliminates unauthorized vehicle usage
·Data is transparent to management
·Convenient for drivers – simply fuel & drive away

For oil & gas companies
·Increases drivers & vendors brand loyalty
·Secures long term relationship with fleet owners

* Inventors of Pazomat – the first fuel card solution


Roseman's Fuel Card Management is an intelligent and comprehensive IT-enabled solution for the petrol and fuel retail industry.  The core function is a vehicle identification-based fuel payment service for private and for corporate fleet customers.

How it works
Once the fuel nozzle is inserted into the vehicle contact between the vehicle and the nozzle enable the Vehicle ID Box (VIB) to communicate safely with the station controller. The controller checks to ensure the vehicle is authorized to refuel and to make certain the correct fuel is pumped. Once approved, the controller allows the fuel to flow. Following fuelling, the station controller registers the amount, time, date, vehicle number, fleet number, account number, odometer and engine hour readings. Fuel charging is then performed automatically to the account number registered in the VIB.

Whether you have a fleet of 10 cars, 1,000 trucks or any mix of vehicles, Roseman's Fuel Card Management solution is right for you. 

Detailed, accurate data on everything from fuel use to carbon emissions and repairs is generated. The data is vital for optimizing efficiency, controlling costs and maintaining competitiveness. The challenge is how to collate, analyze and use the data in a way that supports your business. 

Essential data at one click
That's where Roseman's suite of Fuel Card Management tools comes in. Our online fuel card management and reporting tools are among the most advanced and effective available. Installed on your PC, they display the information you need in the format you want it at the press of a button. 

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