Roseman Fleet Journal

  • Auto-records trip data; ride times, duration, distance, passenger details
  • Automatic warning beeps when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.
  • Restricted vehicle use to authorized drivers
  • Speed recording at any given moment
  • Automatic vehicle identification at entrance
  • Data file export for fleet maintenance software
  • Up to 16 different white lists for authorized drivers
  • Wide range of standard reports generation
  • Optional automated fuelling unit
  • Driver ID cards configured to other control systems


Automated vehicle control and data recording system - empowers fleet managers with complete control over all fleet vehicle use.

The Roseman Fleet Journal system controls the driving speed, enables fleet managers to specify authorized drivers for vehicle groups, generates vehicle service alerts, provides billing options based on vehicle usage, records each ride details and more.
Fleet Journal system enables maximal efficiency of the vehicle fleet performance and a significant saving of the resources. The data that stored in the system can assist future fleet control planning based on the accumulated experience.

How does it work?
The main component of the Fleet Journal system is a CLU (Car Logger Unit) installed in the vehicle. The CLU stores the vehicle usage data, this information is automatically transferred via the WAF unit to the Fleet Journal application that processes the data and generates the reports. 

Odometer reading system


  • Automatic recording of each trip data; start and end time, duration and distance driven, and passenger details
  • Automatic warning beeps when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit
  • Restricts vehicle use to authorized drivers only
  • Records of vehicle speed at any given moment
  • Automatic vehicle identification at entrance to plant, depot, etc.
  • A data file export for use in any fleet maintenance software program
  • Customized reports

The Odometer reader enables online wireless mileage reading of vehicles passing by the WAF (Wireless Automated Fueling) unit positioned at the entrance gate or parking area. The vehicles' reading data is transmitted to a PC which collects the data by using the Odometer reader application and transmits it to the Fleet focus server over the Internet.
The Odometer reader System comprises of a WAF unit, a 12VDC Power Supply, a RFU adapter Box and a PC to RFU Cable. The WAF Unit is a RF transmitter that works in conjunction with the Vehicle Identification Box (VIB) to identify the vehicle automatically.

The system produces detailed reports of each fleet vehicle ride including; start and end time, distance and duration, participants’ names and the histogram that indicates the speeds distribution relative to the drive duration. 

Customized reports based on vehicle usage can provide the driver maximal speed, the over speed duration and vehicle service alerts. A billing report can define up to ten billing types for up to ten different vehicles as well as the minimal distance to charge.

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