Roseman Fleet Management Software

  • Modular design seamlessly integrates into any fuelling station system
  • Use of existing fuel equipment reduces infrastructure / installation costs
  • Pump switches off automatically eliminating all non-authorized fueling
  • Complete reporting on all vehicle operating information; transaction data, odometer reading, fuel consumption etc.,
  • Real-time fuel consumption data
  • Secure / flexible processing of all standard fleet and station cards
  • Optional multiple driver authorization per vehicle
  • Advanced data protection during communication
  • Storage tank and pump monitoring boosts safety
  • 24x7 fueling without attendants for higher vehicle throughput
  • Simple GUI with multilingual support
  • Low-maintenance - service easily handled remotely online


Better administration and fuel use control for economic transparency
Roseman's Fleet Management Software is an innovative solution for efficient fuel and fluids consumption management. Fuel Insight™ software communicates with the fuel stations’ controllers and management systems providing an easy-to-use powerful tool to manage your fuel sites and activities.

Roseman Fleet Management Software features a user-friendly GUI and simple and intuitive tools to define fuel station structures including; fuel types, tanks, dispensers, controllers, contact dates etc. The data can be used for monitoring fuel level in the station tanks and for providing alerts when fuel drop below a pre-defined level.

Monitoring and control are enhanced through vehicles and employee data displays including; authorized products, refueling quantity limitations, discounts, assigning cards, passwords and much more.

Roseman Fleet Management Software generates periodic reports for all vehicle operating information including; transaction data, odometer reading, fuel consumption for stations, vehicles and users

  • Station reports include fuel inventory data, refueling time for each fuel type and each dispenser
  •  Vehicle reports display information includes; time of the refueling, consumed fuel quantity, mileage, discount and debit total
  • User reports display the time of the refueling, the discount and the fuel station name for each user, and authorized users list with a password option

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