Roseman Forecourt Control

  • Full control and interface with all forecourt devices
  • Complete Forecourt Communication – secure wireless, line etc.,
  • PC based site controllers
  • Embedded site controller
  • Acceptance and logging of all payment methods
  • Support full range of payment methods from cash to cards
  • Support any pump type
  • Support countless business models; self service, pre/ post-pay, attendant tags, shift management
  • Provide infrastructure for loyalty programs
  • High performance - high availability of system and data at all times
  • Connectivity to banks and other clearing systems with on and offline

A complete, easy-to-manage fuel station forecourt system

System software flexibility 
Customer operated terminal interface
Station manager management tools
Fuel station attendants management

- Station office software
- DDA controller installed in each dispenser
- Cable or fiberoptic communication between office and dispensers
- Network or modem with phone line from office to credit company
- Reports printer


Roseman's Forecourt Control is a stable, simple to operate and flexible PC based forecourt management system that provides a true solution for efficient management, control and real-time reporting of fuel station activities. The -Forecourt Control system architecture enables activation of up to 16 double sided dispensers and up to four substations, without jeopardizing system performance. It supports connections to any type of pump controller and any Point of Sale (POS) equipment and enables automated refueling using automatic vehicle identification units.

Aside from the refuel transactions kernel, Roseman Forecourt Control system manages many operations including:
- POS functions
- Clearinghouse (E.F.T)
- Data Communication
- Remote maintenance
- Tank monitoring
- Report Management

- Roseman Forecourt Control can be connected to a wide range of clearinghouse centers based on dialup, on-line and other communication protocols and operation rules. It can be easily adapted to any existing clearinghouse system, or integrated into distributed systems with a new communication center.
The system communicates with fuel site accessories including; Automated Tank Gauging (ATG), price signs, washing machines and POS systems. Information from the accessories can be integrated into the eezi- Report system.

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