Roseman Vehicle Identification

Automated vehicle identification fueling and payment at fuelling stations

For fuel station operators:

  • Increases fuel sales
  • Fuel dispensed only after a payment commitment
  • Operates local loyalty programs
  • Faster, improved service requires less service attendants
  • Eliminates need for credit cards, vouchers or checks
  • Optimal management and control; shifts, inventory etc.,

For oil companies:

  • Boosts loyalty of private and fleet clients
  • Increases market share
  • Increases dealer’s loyalty
  • Long-term fuel contract with fleets
  • Secures fueling to customers
  • Increases stations throughput

For the fleet owners:

  • Provides fuel consumption control
  • Fuels authorized fleet vehicles only
  • Prevents fuel fraud
  • Efficient use of time / manpower and accurate accounting
  • Delivers a full report system for vehicle use and consumption
  • Provides effective maintenance scheduling


Savings of 15% on fuel expenses reported

Roseman Vehicle Identification provides a solution for automated vehicle identification, fueling at fuelling stations and payment. With Roseman Vehicle Identification fuel is only dispensed after a payment commitment by the driver using a VIU device, tag or card as well as by the attendant using his authorizer tag to activate the pump.

How it works

  • The vehicle is identified automatically at the entry to the fuelling island. Every time the nozzle is inserted into the fuel tank inlet, vehicle usage data is transmitted via a RF Antenna to the VIB (Vehicle ID Box), and than to the local retail system POS

  • The information is checked online in the local system memory database. The system will ensure the correct fuel type has been selected.  If the information is accepted, the VIB turns on the selected hose to enable fuel flow

  • Following fuelling, the station controller will register the fuel amount, time, date, vehicle number, fleet number, account number, odometer, and engine hour readings. Fuel charging is made automatically to the account number registered

  • In self service stations, the VIB authorizes the dispenser without cash, cards etc. In full service stations, the attendant has an authorizing tag for activating the dispenser for vehicles with a VIB. The station controller logs each attendant transaction which is balanced at the end of the shift

  •  Detailed reports of fuel consumption are generated. The Fleet manager and the oil company may customize reports to their requirements per vehicle, fleet, fuel station, month, etc

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