Roseman Standalone Fuel Management

  • Accurate and comprehensive information on gasoline usage
  • Enhanced fuel management by reducing fuel theft and unauthorized use of fleet vehicles
  • Effective monitoring of vehicle maintenance
  • Increased efficiency of fleet administration


Roseman's Standalone Fuel Management system enables fleet operators and owners to monitor and control vehicle fuel usage and efficiency, as well as simplify and accelerate the vehicle refueling process.

The Standalone terminal is the central component at the unattended vehicle fueling site. It allows fuel to be dispensed only to authorized vehicles. User information is transferred through a keypad entry, proximity keys, magnetic stripe cards, and/or from RFID devices such as passive RF tags and the Vehicle Identification Box (VIB).

The base island terminal is capable of controlling up to eight hoses. Aside from serial and online communication the terminal can be used to interface with other fuel site equipment such as tank monitors. The user interface consists of an easily read backlit LCD display, an ID device reader
and an environmentally sealed keypad. Receipt printers are optional.

The Standalone unit is weatherproof, tamper-resistant, and vandal resistant due to its ruggedized exterior.

Roseman Fleet Management System meets ISO, FCC, EMC, EC and UL standards.


Fueling Transaction Process

Fueling transaction is initiated when the driver types into the Keypad the needed vehicle ID and/or driver credit card data (for non-RF Vehicles) or whenever a vehicle equipped with a VIB is read by the system.

Information is checked on-line against the database in the local system memory or on the central server. If the information is accepted, the system turns on the selected hose and captures the resulting transaction. If the data entered is not accepted the user will be shown an error message.

The transactions are automatically sent on-line to the host PC or accumulates in the system memory until the Host PC retrieves them for standalone systems.

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