Vehicle Identification Components

Vehicle Identification Box (VIB)

The VIB is a vehicle-mounted computer which authorizes use of the dispenser. It contains the system and vehicle identification information, fuel type authorization, transaction limitation code, odometer, and engine-hours data. This information transmitted via the RF Antenna to the VSU every time the nozzle is inserted in to the fuel tank inlet.

Fuel Inlet Antenna (FIA)

The Fuel Inlet Antenna is an antenna that mounted to the vehicle's fuel tank inlet. It connects to the VIB with shielded cable and receives nozzle tag information to the VIB.

Communication Adaptor (VSU)

The VSU is placed in at the fueling station office and connected to the local retail POS system via the TCP/IP communication. It scans the fuel station area using RF communication, searching for the vehicles. It senses the vehicle only when the dispenser nozzle is approached to the vehicle fuel tank inlet. The VSU reports two kinds of events: the insertion and the removal of the nozzle from the fuel tank inlet

Radio Transiver (RFU)

The RFU is installed up high in the center of the fuelling island. It is wireless modem that transmits data between the VSU and the VIB that installed in the vehicle, via the RF Antenna. The transmission range of the RFU is up to 100m.

Nozzle Tag


The Nozzle Tag is a transceiver that can be installed on all types of fuel nozzle. Sleep mode is the default state of the Nozzle Tag. It is activated by the VIB every time the nozzle is inserted in to the fuel tank inlet. The Nozzle Tag is battery powered.

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